The term ‘wadi’ has been derived from a Gujarati word-meaning orchard. This project first started in Gujarat as a model for developing orchards by NABARD, as it proved successful it has gradually spread over the country. The key objective of Wadi programme is to improve the quality of life of 500 tribal households in Block- III of Kalimpong District by enhancing their income and employment potential through land based alternate livelihood options (horticulture) and by supporting social development of participating families including women’s empowerment process and to create a suitable replicable model in the region for scaling up in future.
Fruit crops are not seen as potential livelihood option and therefore not practiced by farmers however they strongly believe that agro-climatic condition of the region and proper irrigation arrangement could pave the way for establishing commercial orchards and could be an important avenue for livelihood support in a big way for farmers in the area in future.
Anugyalaya is implementing this project for development of tribal farmers of Gorubathan Block in Kalimpong District supported by NABARD and Caritas India with 70:30 ratio. The 3 commercially valued fruits namely Kiwi, Mandarin Orange and Guava have been sanctioned for developing orchard in the above said area covering 15 villages under 3 Gram Panchayats falling under 3 Revenue Villages (Khasmals).



Brief Introduction: Integrated Tribal Development Programme for Gorubathan Block of Kalimpong District, West Bengal (TDF WADI-42) was sanctioned on 14th March 2017. Tripartite MOU was signed among NABARD, Caritas India (CSR partner) and Anugyalaya Darjeeling Diocese Social Service Society (PIA) on 25thOctober 2017. The Project commenced on 1st December 2017.
In order to empower the farmer-beneficiaries from the very beginning, various trainings and demonstration for proper Planting of the fruit crops, pest management, pruning, training oncompost making, Liquid manure (Jeevamrit), Vermi composting, orientation and planning on formation of FPO/ FPC have been conducted. All together 21 VPCs (Village Planning
Committees) have been formed in 5 gram Panchayats. Regular meetings of the VPCS and FPO members are on.
500 tribal families have successfully planted a combination of 2 fruit crops (combination I- Kiwi 30 saplings & guava 54 saplings and combination II- Mandarin Orange 60 saplings & Guava 40 saplings) based on the topographical conditions of the region along with intercropping with vegetables i.e. round chilly, Beans, tomatoes broccoli and radish).

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